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We fight for people who cannot fight for themselves.

At the Law Office of Edna Herrera Dinsdale, we believe in the art of advocacy and the welfare of our clients. We will be honest with you and never take your case for granted. We cannot promise results but will apply our expertise to fight for your constitutional rights. We will fight for your precious freedom: against a State or Federal prosecutor with seemingly overwhelming resources. If retained as your attorney, we will be available to you at all times; you will even have our cell phone number.  When you are charged with a crime or injured in an accident, it can be a traumatic experience and you need an attorney who cares about you as an individual. Your future is too important to trust any other lawyer.

As soon as a client retains we start working hard to investigate every aspect of your case whether you are a personal injury client, an immigrant, a family member, or clients seeking to provide for their heirs. The Law Office of Edna Herrera Dinsdale will focus on building a case for you. Often the best defense can be a strong offense. Please take some time and review the testimonials provided by former clients. We are committed to providing competent legal advocacy.

Edna Herrera Dinsdale is well respected by several County & District Attorney’s Offices for her professionalism and trial acumen. Mrs. Dinsdale is member of the Cameron County Bar Association, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Federal Southern District of Texas, and proud member of the Texas State Bar Associations.

Edna Herrera Dinsdale Brownsville TX Lawyer

Practice Areas

State and Federal Criminal Defense

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Mrs. Dinsdale is an experienced and well respected criminal defense attorney in Brownsville, TX. She handles State and Federal criminal matters including but not limited to: misdemeanors, felonies, juvenile matters, traffic violations, and drug and white collar crimes.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered a personal injury due to another party’s negligence or recklessness, you might be entitled to a financial compensation. Our law office helps the victims of personal injuries like automobile accidents, workplace injuries, as well as families who have lost a loved one.

Wills & Probate

The consequences of not having a will can be damaging and may open the door for the courts to decide how to distribute your assets. Our law office helps you protect your estate and the interest of your loved ones by drafting the necessary legal documents to manage the transfer of your assets.

Divorce & Family Law

Divorce cases and family law in general can be very stressful and challenging emotionally. Mrs. Dinsdale handles such cases with compassion, professionalism, and the determination to secure the most equitable and amicable outcome for her clients.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

In some cases, the State of Texas may attempt to seize assets allegedly linked to criminal activities. If you find yourself in this situation, our law office will aggressively defend your rights and hold the government accountable for the confiscation of your property.

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