“Best money I have spent this year. Mrs. Dinsdale represented my driver and my company and had all charges dismissed. She did an excellent job and I would highly recommend her for stellar, professional service rendered at an affordable rate.”

James, a Speeding Ticket client

“Mrs. Dinsdale is an incredible attorney and completely professional. She was able to get my husband out of jail and even later was able to get his case dismissed!”

Graciela, a Criminal Defense client

“Mrs. Dinsdale was there for my family as if she were fighting for her own! She never ignored one phone call or missed one meeting or court appearance.”

a Juvenile client

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  • Alvaro says:

    Best lawyer in town. Willing to help in any case. Willing to answer every call. I would recomend Mrs. Herrera Dinsdale one of the best

  • Bonnie Gonzalez says:

    Mrs. Dinsdale is more than a great attorney. She’s a hard working, caring, honest, and determined person. She fought for me as if I were family. She gave me a second chance in life, and I will forever be grateful for all she did for me. Despite her heavy workload, she returns your calls if she’s missed them, she keeps you posted about your case, and she will look for and find solutions to the problems as if you were the only client she has. She got my case dismissed and like I said, gave me another chance. Thank you so much!

  • Haydee Herrera says:

    I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Dinsdale for getting my boyfriend out of jail…same day he had court!! She was the only lawyer willing to listen and work with me financially with payments, she cares more about her job than the money. She is an EXCELLENT lawyer, very professional. I have been recommending her every chance I get. Do not get another lawyer she is the BEST.

  • JacobAaron says:

    Grateful to have Edna H. Dinsdale on my side to represent me. Willing to go above and beyond to get my case(s) dismissed. Professional and exemplary services. Second to none. Thank you for everything!

  • Jacob Aaron says:

    Grateful to have Edna H. Dinsdale on my side to represent me. Willing to go above and beyond to get my case(s) dismissed. Very professional and exemplary services. Second to none. Thank you for everything!

  • Juan Ismael moreno says:

    My name is- Juan Ismael Moreno…
    And damn Mrs dinsdale is the best attorney ever she dropped all my charges and does know what she is doing ..best advice for everybody ..get her as your lawyer frs..
    You won’t regret it….

    Thank you very much beautiful dinsdale..have a wonderful day…keep at it cause you good at what you do…

  • Dolores Avila-Guadalupe Hernandez says:

    I’m very thankful Ms. Edna dinsdale for your incredible help in Mr Hernandez case. You are the best attorney in Brownsville, and we are very grateful that you got his case dismissed not only once but twice. Thank you and God bless you always.

  • Ms. Garcia says:

    Ms. Dinsdale is an amazing Attorney never misses a call from you and did an amazing job on my case I highly recommended her for any case people have.

  • LeAnn Vasquez says:

    This experience simply happened to be best taken care of by Ms.Dinsdale : I appreciate how much of a concern you felt and am and will always be very much thankful. I sincerely hope God blesses you so much , thank you for all of your assistance .

  • Rodolfo Melendez Jr says:

    I am happy to have Mrs. Dinsdale represent me for my cases. I was more than happy with the outcome, She didn’t take the easy way out, but fought to have them dismissed. What i appreciated even more, is that i wasn’t treat like a case number,but like a person. With Mrs. Dinsdale it’s not just about the money. Its about having proper representation. I highly recommend, anyone looking for an attorney, who is going to fight for you. Mrs Edna H. Dinsdale should be your first choice.

  • Juan Resendiz says:

    Ms.Dinsdale was court appointed to Help my son, I was really impressed in how well she defended him.
    Because of her knowledge she got his shock probation granted, my son will now be released from Jail.
    We are very happy and blessed to have had her as our court appointed attorney, If I ever need to retain her without a doubt I will.

  • Christopher Zavala says:

    Mrs. Dinsdale is an amazing attorney. Just when i thought no one would help me, she did. She really didn’t have to help me as much as she did but she fought for me. That says a lot about the type of attorney she is and more important the type of person she is. I dint have a chance to thank her like i should have so hopefully she reads this and knows that i am forever grateful. If you are ever fortunate enough to come across this great attorney do not pass up the chance to have her on your side. I promise that the results will speak for themselves.

  • Yvette says:

    Edna did i great job i didnt even have to go infront of judge.i was facing a felony charge and she got it dismissed.i say thats pretty great.

  • Jorge says:

    La mejor abogada y asiendo asta lo imposible para poder ayudar me en mi caso

  • Luis Rendon says:

    Edna was absolutely amazing representing me on my cases. She was able to go above and beyond what I expected. I could not have asked for a better outcome. She was truly God Sent!
    I highly recommend for PD. She is professional, always on time and knows exactly what she is doing!. An amazing attorney and deserves recognition for everything she does!

  • Agapito R. Longoria says:

    I was very much satisfied with her handling, diligence, and outcome of my case overall. I greatly appreciate her relentless effort in helping me win my case. Ms. Dinsdale was very punctual and followed up with me when other attorneys didn’t throughout the fight of my case. Thank you once again Ms. Dinsdale!

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